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Our Fishing Philosophy

Catch and Release Mentality

Catch and Release Mentality

We value the sport and pleasure of fly fishing.

For over 20 years, Captain Jesse has learned and

taught the art of Fly Fishing. 

 Applying that skill to the challenges of saltwater fishing in the backwaters of SW Florida is his passion. Join for an unforgettable day! 


Catch and Release Mentality

Catch and Release Mentality

Catch and Release Mentality

Fly Fishing SW Florida is dedicated to the protection and preservation of the fish life in

Estero Bay and the Florida Everglades.

We recognize the importance of wise stewardship of the natural resources, for our generation and for generations to come.


Captain Jesse Namour

Catch and Release Mentality

Captain Jesse Namour

Fully licensed, proven, and ready, Captain Jesse has fished the waters of SW Florida for over 20 years.

 Born and raised in Southwest Florida, with expertise in the waters of Boca Grande, Estero, Marco Island, and the Florida Everglades, Captain Jesse is ready to help you create a wonderful experience!  


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